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Tampa Heights Elementary Testimonial

Marcus and Britianey met at Lee while in Mrs. Guerre’s third grade class. At the time they couldn’t have been more different! While Marcus loved going to Coach Golka’s class to play football and anything sports related, Britianey would always complain to Coach Golka about how hot it was and how many bugs were outside. They each got to spend time with Mrs. Christie, Lee's Guidance Counselor, with students there for an array of reasons. Britianey worked closely with Mrs. Christie as a flag patrol and Marcus enjoyed Mrs. Christie checking in on him and encouraging him to always do his best. Marcus and Britianey continued their journey together at Middleton Middle School (now Ferrell all-girls school) and then on to Hillsborough and Middleton High Schools. After graduation, Marcus enlisted in the United States Navy as an Aircraft Mechanic for eight years with one of those years serving in Kuwait. Britianey went on to study education at Florida Atlantic University and San Diego State University. The two were married in the spring of 2005 and now have two little girls, Raina and Peyton. The couple has grown and changed a lot since their Lee Elementary days. Marcus is a now a personal trainer and completing supervised practice to be a Registered dietician. Britianey is currently a teacher in Hillsborough County and future Speech Language Pathologist. Lee Elementary School will always hold a special place in the hearts of the Harris family. The guidance, support and love received from this amazing school will always have a lasting impact.

Mrs. Guerre's 3rd Grade Class                Marcus & Britianey Family