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Tampa Heights Magnet FAQ

Hello Lee families – here is a collection of frequently asked questions as we prepare to begin sharing the campus of Lockhart Elementary Magnet School on Monday. The wonderful staff members at Lockhart have already begun preparing our classrooms and they are ready to welcome us.

Does my student need a new health and notification card?
Yes, you will need to fill out a new health and emergency notification card within the first week after students come back to school.

What if my child needs prescription or over-the-counter medication?
You have four options:
1) Come to Lockhart and give the medication to your student yourself at the appropriate times.
2) Bring the medication to Lockhart on Monday in its original container and fill out a “Parent Authorization for the Administration of Medications” form. You can get the form in advance at this link. Do not have your child bring the medication themselves; you must bring it in.
3) Talk with your doctor about another possible time to take the medication, before or after school.
4) Your student may self-medicate with some medications for life-sustaining conditions like asthma, anaphylactic reactions, and diabetes. You will need BOTH a physician authorization form AND a “Parent Authorization for the Administration of Medications” form, found at this link. Bring the medication to Lockhart yourself (do not send it with your student), along with both forms. Your student must demonstrate the knowledge and maturity to be responsible for the medication.

What if I have a question about medicine or my student’s health at school?
Contact the school nurse at your child’s school or School Health Services at (813) 273-7020.

If I walked/rode a bike to Lee, how will I get to school? (i.e. Do I now qualify for a bus?)
We are adding new bus stops that can bring your student to and from Lockhart. Our transportation team will be sending an update by email and phone call with details. You can also walk, ride, or drive to Lockhart if you wish. You can call our transportation office with questions at 813-982-5500.

If I rode a bus to Lee, how will I get to school?
If you already rode a bus to Lee, you will ride the same bus, with the same route number, to get to Lockhart. You can call our transportation office with questions at 813-982-5500.

Where is Lockhart?
Lockhart is located at 3719 N. 17th Street. Take MLK Boulevard east to 17th Street, then right.

How long will Lee be housed at its new location?
At this point, district leaders anticipate this arrangement will be in effect for the remainder of this school year, and the 2018-19 school year.

Will Lee be rebuilt?
It’s too soon to say whether the building can be restored, but the district certainly recognizes the school’s history and importance to the community.

What hours will school be held?
School will start and end at our normal time: 8:20 a.m. and 2:35 p.m., with early release on Mondays at 1:35 p.m.

Will my child still attend “Lee Elementary?”
Yes, the entire staff -- including the administration -- will work at Lockhart.

Will my child have the same teacher?
Yes, your child will have the same teacher as before. Some classes will be co-taught by two instructors for the next few weeks until portable classrooms can be added. All Lee teachers are moving to the new site.

Will Lee continue to offer its magnet programs in world studies and technology?
Absolutely. In fact, Lockhart is a science magnet and that could lead to some great collaboration. Young is also a magnet for science, so it’s a great fit to be right next to a campus where many of our students will continue on to middle school.

Which students will be on a middle school campus?
Lee’s three fifth-grade classes will temporarily be in a designated area at Young. There will be a path constructed that connects Young’s campus to Lockhart’s campus. Those fifth-grade students will still report to Lockhart each day. Lee’s administrators and resource teachers will be at Young every day. Portable classrooms are being added to Lockhart in the next few weeks to bring those fifth-grade classes back to the Lockhart campus.

What about after-school activities and clubs?
Lee will continue to operate as its own school within the Lockhart campus and will continue to offer clubs and activities.

Will the Morning Mile continue?
Lockhart does have a track, therefore, Lee’s students will continue this unique tradition -- and hopefully encourage their new Lockhart neighbors to join in this fitness initiative.

Will Lee continue to offer a HOST program?

What if I don’t want my child to stay at Lee?
We certainly understand that some families may decide to pursue other educational opportunities at your zoned school or another magnet campus. The magnet office will be able to check availability by grade level upon request.

I am a member of the community. How can I help?
Please consider supporting the Hillsborough Education Foundation’s Lee Elementary Relief Fund and school supply drive. Needed supplies include: No. 2 pencils, erasers, pens, spiral and multi-subject notebooks, composition books, wide-ruled notebook paper, glue sticks, scissors, construction paper, poster boards, pocket folders, index cards, 2 inch binders, dividers, dry-erase markers, washable markers, highlighters, calculators, post-it notes and hand sanitizer. Details at

Can I come to campus to help prepare?
Thank you, but at this time, no additional support is needed on campus.

I am a district teacher. How can I help?
To ensure we can be efficient, we are asking Area 4 principals to help us prepare the school over the next few days. If you’re from Area 4, please contact your principal. We know teachers from throughout the district are eager to help Lee -- and we are so grateful -- but at this time no additional support is needed on campus.
We also ask you to please encourage your schools to launch a supply drive to support the Education Foundation effort.

Was this fire arson?
Tampa Fire Rescue has told us there is absolutely no indication this fire was set intentionally. The fire started right after power was turned back on in the neighborhood after Hurricane Irma.

I’m upset and need to speak to a counselor?
Counselors will be available on Lockhart’s campus on Friday morning from 10 a.m. to noon. They will be at Lockhart again on the first day back to school, Monday, Sept. 18, starting at 7:30 in the morning.

What do I do if my Lee student’s prescription medication was left in the clinic?
Please bring replacement medication to school on Monday. More information will be available on Lee’s school website starting Friday morning.

Can Lockhart’s campus serve these new students?
This will be an adjustment, but yes, the campus is designed for double its current enrollment. Lee students will fill mainly vacant classrooms and portable classrooms (after they are installed in the next few weeks). There will be more mouths to feed and more rooms to clean, but Lee’s entire student nutrition and custodial staffs will be moving to Lockhart.

Will Lockhart programs or electives be adjusted?
There may be some minor changes to lunch schedules, but the academic program will remain intact. Leaders from Lee and Lockhart are meeting to review the master schedule.